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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 17, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> abc 7 news gives us a different vantage point and joins us live from the bank of america on california street. >> there is a crowd growing for the past half hour, and there is a another march did pass through here this afternoon z a group of maybe 100 or so demonstrators passed through this intersection and that is what they call the banker's heart here, it houses bank of america and other large banks and there is also a small, but very sturdy band of occupier that's spent the night overnight on the sidewalk and pardon me, stayed here all day long. and there is a small group
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saying size doesn't matter it's the message that does. >> there are financiers have stolen the american economy ruining it for the rest of the american people. because we don't have billions of dollars to contribute to politicians, campaigns, our voices are not heard. >> and this group sang happy birthday and blocking the intersection for about 15 minutes or so, then continuing down california peacefully. there is this group that is growing. we've heard this will be the convergence point for groups that plan to have a rally. and there is a planned march, they're telling us they don't want to divulge where they're going on that route. >> and there is this happening
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because this is the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the occupy movement. wayne freedman is covering that part of the story in san francisco, a case study in birthdays and days of observeance. from the large march up market street... to this demonstration, reminders while the movement has lane dormant, it's not done, especially today. >> this is who is affected. >> protestors painted banks as predators and in a case of this 92-year-old. >> they are going foreclogs on his home in november. >> foreclose on this san francisco home he bought in 1972, paid for once, and then,
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refinanced for half a million to bring it up to code. >> and there is some is 80 years old and you make a 30 year loan with them with an adjustable rate on a senior? is that not predatory? >> there is a loan he signed, then duetch bank then sold, which he says he doesn't understand the terms. >> i think don't think i should be treated different. i think everyone should be treated fair. do you know what i mean? >> if it can happen to him, it can happen to any of us. >> just because i'm old, i'm not the only one in this shape. a lot of youngsters in this shape, too. >> this is a live picture at
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the bank of america, we're at the corner of california and montgomery. police are ready to block off the street should the crowd begin to move. and we did try to contact some of the banks and had no success today. >> oo wayne, thank you. >> demonstrators marched on new york stock exchange, hoping to form a human wall around the building and were met by a police officer in riot gear and able to keep entrances open. officer as rested 100 people they say defied orders to clear the area and we're treating updates on where protests are moving and affecting you here in the san francisco bay area. and we'll follow protests
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during this half hour and more, and now, there is a major change coming to the san jose police department. chief chris moore announced he plans to retire, stepping down as city cope was a recent spike in violent crime. there is where the chief admits he's frustrated. >> that is right. chief moore did al you'd tomorrow challenges facing his department. and admitted he'd be on the job longer. >> this is a good day. >> san jose police chief told reporters that this decision to step down next year was his alone. after 30 years in law enforcement, 27 in san jose. >> this is my decision. i said up front. i was not forced night. there is a lot of factors into
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play when you decide to retire. >> and he aj acknowledged one factor, difficult times facing his force. >> and there is a difficult two years. this is when i think individuals come to the decision them seeflz there is an larming increase in violent crime. and measure b passed in june to contain public employee pensions headed to court. the city council voted against putting a half cent sales tax on the november ballot z that would have increased funding for services. and the democrat of officers has declined. besides laying off 65 officers more have seen 100 more retire or resign in the past year there no confidence in city hall and dwoitsing to be like this for two years tlchl is going be no attempts to try to retain officers we're lose
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oogt mayor says he is sorry to see moore leave. >> the chief has done a great job in the department z some of the most difficult times the department faced in the history of the city. >> and the chief will be on the job trut throughout the end of jachbl the manager will launch a search for his replacement. we'll have more tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 and also, we'll hear from the police union expressing concerns about longer wait times for citizens calling 911. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and over the phone threat caused frightening moments this afternoon for airline passengers headed from san francisco to new york city. both american airlines flight 24 and a jet remained on the taxi way far from the terminal. and there is a new york tv station saying hijack jers were aboard both jetliners.
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the pilot expressed his frustration as they gave him legal information to go on. >> and how come here out sneer. >> i was instructed by the supervisor to hold new that position and they're talking on the phone. i'll call you as soon as very information. >> we're surrounded by emergency vehicle interests there is a reason for this, someone has got to give us the reason we're we're going to evacuate the aircraft. you've got 60 seconds. >> both jets taxied to the terminals and four air marshals happened to be on the flight and questioned passengers. everyone waited on the ground. >> san jose family is hoping to make changes in the neighborhood after their 8-year-old child was killed last friday. the 8-year-old was hit by a truck just yards from his home, riding a small electric motorcycle at the time. and there is a growing memorial for that little boy.
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>> yes. since friday, this memorial of a bunch of balloons and candles has been growing and throughout the afternoon, we've been seeing lots of people coming by to leave more and more for that memorial and this is including a lot of kids in this neighborhood. in this tradition, this candles used to right the way for a spirit to as yebd to heavens this family says they'll keep the memorial growing in the -- until the child is laid to rest. >> he was killed here friday afternoon in front of the home. the 8-year-old riding a pocket cycle, a miniature motorcycle that pulled into the street. and he was run over by a large pickup truck. he was not wearing a helmet. police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation and they have not said speed is a factor
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neighbors say vehicles often drive down this street way too fast. >> a lot of cars come and speed. and they don't see the kids. they're like a lot of kids. >> matthew's mother and father placed balloons at the growing memorial and his mother says she's disturbed by comments accusing them of not properly supervising their child. the family says this was a tragic accident and they want to do all he can to pro vent someone frels getting injured or killed. >> talk to the counselor or district or something they would let us put a sign. or a speed bump f they don't pay for it, our family will. >> they say they want to get the speed bumps or signs set up to slow vehicles down. >> and when this happened people have been offering money to help pay for the funeral. they've been refusing some of the money but today, they
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decided to actually collect some of the money. they're not gooding to use it for the funeral. what they're going to use money for is helping pay for those speed bumps if the city of san jose cannot pay for them. >> and ross mirkarimi is ut rallying supporters as the board prepares to decide whether he should be removed from office. he attended a noisy demonstration outside city hall, organized by members of the iranian community. his wife at the jernt of a domestic violence charge was also there. the rally is the latest effort to influence the supervisors. he called hearings a political witch hunt. >> the government overreacting and they're resorting to the be undemocratic strategies of removing an elected official. >> the board may get the case
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this week, and nine out of 11 supervisors must vote to remove him from office. >> there is an update on the sex scandal rocking the air force training base in texas. the airport chose a woman to replace the male out last month this, gives hope to jackie speier. and there is one in five ais a woman, and there are a dozen being investigated for sexual assaults in connection with nearly three dozen recruits. >> there this is about making sure that there are an increased number of prosecutions and convictions. and that when you find your snefl a situation as a military training instructor and you're sexual assaulting a trainee you should be out of the military. >> a member of the house armed services economy -- committee authored a bill to remove the incidents from the chain of
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command, however that, bill is stalled. >> and coming up here at 5:00 number one cause of death among hispanic men in the united states. >> and how the community came together just days after being hit by fire. >> there is heat taking a break. how long, coming up. >> and the big bay area event trying to move there is no better time to get behind the wheel of an electric car. stay with us.
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an officer involved shooting shut down a neighborhood this morning. and a man claimed to be armed
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was shot by police at 8:15. nearby elementary school was not affected and the man was arrested and take dwron a local hapt and is recovering from one gunshot wound. >> students in one private school were back in class today and thanks in part to their parents hard work. the building housed a classroom and offices. now, the school lost contact information about the students in a fire. and are urging parents to give them a call. >> i feel excited because there is missing a lot of days of school. i'm happy to be back. everything was okay. this is like a second family. >> and this is again because of the hard work they're up and running. >> and there is at and t teamed up to prove how
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dangerous texting and driving are. there is a real hands on experience and this is a senior says he doesn't text and drive but felt candidate he could. >> there is a crash and it was hard to look and be on the road. >> and there is national don't text while driving day. every day should be that day. >> and if you want to get behind the wheel tomorrow is a chance there is the first ever electric vehicle week and you can see different models from test drives that are allowed and san francisco considered sort of the mecca and there is
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a skpip cars chose the city to roll out it's new electric fleet. >> if you're inside this doesn't matter. there is a great looking day, beautiful weather. there is a live picture there is marine layer there and there is this afternoon high temperatures two to 10 degrees below normal. this is obvious why there is a marine influence here and there is normally about 86 degrees so cooler than normal. and there is what it looks
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like. sunshine and a beautiful afternoon. and there is some sunshine up to about 2000 and it's going to remain on the deep side with this marine layer in place. good is a good wind flow. and so there are 60s in san francisco. out towards inland valleys this doesn't feel like summer warmth. there is 69 in san jose and napa. cloudy overnight, there are autumn arriving sunday at 7:49 in the morning and this will feel like october and there is what is going happen. it's going to sit here and just spin. there is below normal high
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temperatures going continue for the next several days. there is a low that will come across northern california and there is sierra nevada may be talking about showers there. tomorrow morning there is a cool start. make sure you bundle up. upper 40s and 49 napa. there is 52 degrees in san francisco. and there is 55 in antioch. here are the forecast as to what going to happen. 5:00 a.m. cloudy skies and could see spotty drizzle developing and there are mild inland again and temperatures similar to today. 80s inland. cool at the coast. om into upper 50s tomorrow, and there are 72 for new
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sunnyvale. 71 degrees in redwood city there is 72 son gnomea. east bay communities 67 in oakland. there sinland areas there is a mild forecast. and for monterey bay, 62 degrees in monterey. accu-weather forecast below normal high temperatures for the better part of the week. there is only low to mid-80s inland and there is a bump up in temperatures by two degrees. >> so there are changes coming. >> thank you. >> and just ahead here there is a local researcher bringing new hope to people dealing with asthma.
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finding a way to stop what triggers an attack. >> and training being done aw$
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cancer now the leading cause of death among hispanic americans according to a cancer society study 29,000 hispanic americans were kill bid canser in 2009 and there are experts calling it small but significant and says the prime reason is that they are younger than the population but it is that death rate is dropping across the board. >> and a team of researchers led by university of california san francisco may have found a way to reduce the affects of asthma.
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the team focused on ways to reduce air way secretions of muscle contraction that's contribute to the harshness of as in a ma and found three chemicals to do just that in studies. >> and a sant is a ya rosa state lawmaker is introducing new guidelines to raise the guide dog comfort level and said the rules should help reduce awkwardness sometimes affecting others and restaurant workers and when a parto includes a guide dog. >> there are ways to find opportunities for increased understanding and better understanding of the et yi ket. >> i worked with california restaurant association to develop proposed guideline autos coming up,... a's plans lining up early this, is so cool. >> wild chance the team makes wild card history.
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coming up at 6:00 cal state system under fire. warning let'ser sending to students some people are calling illegal. also, we'll fact check an ad by a group suggesting the president is not a friend of nevada's biggest industry and taking aim at big box stores what happens to mom and pop when big chains come to town. those story pz more coming up at 6:00. >> and thank you and a's fans are primed and ready for a return to the post season for the first time since 2006. >> this is exciting and fans got in line early today to buy tickets for a possible wild card playoff game for american league division series. >> and there are a's just three games behind texas ranger autos there is the further best record in baseball and a


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